How To Breathe-A Book By Ashley Neese

“As you’re learning, changing your breathing pattern is very effective and quick way to change your state. In the case of stress, which we all experience, learning how to unwind is an underrated and essential tool for changing our state to one of health and restoration.”

When I find myself feeling a bit anxious or tense about a situation, I take a moment to center myself with deep breathing, it helps me in so many ways. The breathing practices in this book are just a one of the wellness tools I use in my mental health recovery. I hope you have enjoyed reading the excerpts from Ashley’s book and the insights I have shared. We all recover. It starts with a choice, and that choice begins with you. You can find Ashley’s book on Amazon by clicking the on the title above. Lisa Bartels, CPRS, A.S.I.S.T, WRAP Seminar 1 Facilitator, Admin. Assistant

Sitting Up, Five Minutes

  • Sit in a comfortable position with a tall spine and relaxed hips.
  • Set your practice intention.
  • Release any tension from your jaw.
  • Rest your left hand on your left knee, palm facing upward.
  • Gently place your right ring finger on the left nostril and your right thumb on the right nostril. Fold your second and middle fingers down to the palm of your hand and relax your little finger.
  • Take a deep breath through your nose and exhale out of your mouth. Close your right nostril with your thumb and slowly inhale through your left nostril. Close the left nostril with your ring finger and hold your breath for a beat.
  • Release your right nostril and exhale slowly. Pause. Repeat on the alternate side to complete one cycle of the Unwind Breath.
  • Practice for five to ten rounds, alternating the breath between nostrils.
  • Release the practice and return your hands to your lap.
  • Breathe and rest for a minute, noticing any changes.
  • Close your practice.
  • Journal.

To learn more about breathing techniques, recovery tools, WRAP or group visit our Wellness Center virtually or in person.

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