Frank Litto Ph.D started using our Virtual Wellness Center early February. When our Center Manager Tiffany shared that we had a guest from the state of Maine that was attending regularly it sparked an interest and Director Todd reached out to Frank and a conversation took place. Below you can read how the Virtual Wellness Center is supporting Frank on his recovery journey.

How did you hear about us?

He found us during a Google search, checked out our website and our Facebook page.

What was it you were looking for?

To move to Iowa, positive human connection with others in his recovery period. His mental health challenges need support, and he was attracted to what we offer. He was homeless for 19 years and never had any meaningful human connection, he needs that for his own recovery.

How do you utilize our services?

Virtually, Frank lives in Maine. It’s easy to blend in with this virtual community to work on his wellness. He has worked with Tiffany for his individual support, he has loved taking the WRAP to find a sense of well-being and resilience. Tiffany is there to just listen and not offer judgment.

What have you done to be in connection with us?

He and Tiffany have been keeping in connection through email. She is supporting him with information on housing and other information to make his move to Cedar Rapids seamless. Zoom is important to him and seeing others in the community. He likes that he can see others through the zoom meetings.

What other opportunities would be available for you if we weren’t here?

Well, there really isn’t anyone to connect with here in Maine to transition to Iowa. Not one person in my 9,000 population in Maine. This brings me anxiety, fear, suicidal ideation, homelessness and not being able to choose where I want to live.

What has been your greatest experience with us?

Authentic connection and real support.

Do you plan to have a long term or short-term connection with us?

Once I get moved to Iowa, I plan on continuing with the Wellness Center, whether virtually or in person. I would love to stay active by volunteering at events or whatever is needed.

What else could we do to support your recovery?

At this time the support you are giving me this month to help get moved to Iowa has been amazing! I can’t think of anything else right now.


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