How To Breathe-A Book By Ashley Neese

“One of the most intimate acts of connection we can practice is breathing with our partners. When we show up fully and sit with each other in our realness, we create a container of safety and love, which allows us to become vulnerable.”

This is a breath technique that I have not practiced or used. For many, intimacy is often thought of as a just a sexual experience when in fact it isn’t. Intimacy can be defined as several things from a connection between two people, to a friendship, to a marriage. The Intimacy Breath was created to deepen the connection between two people. I will outline the steps below. ~Lisa Bartels, Administrative Assistant, PRS, WRAP Level 1 Facilitator, A.S.I.S.T

Sitting Up With Partner, Eight Minutes

  • Find a comfortable seat facing your partner.
  • Breathe in and out through the nose for a minute to settle in.
  • Set your intentions.
  • To begin, take your left hand and place it on your partner’s heart, resting your hand on yhour thigh, palm facing up.
  • Have your partner copy you.
  • adjust your position if needed.
  • Continue breathing in and out through your noses.
  • Keep your eyes open and gaze into each other’s left eyes while breating.
  • Slowly, without talking, begin to synchronize your breath.
  • Do not rush this process, Let it evolve naturally.
  • Continue breathing together, gazing, and holding your hands on each other’s hearts for five minutes.
  • Release your left hands and allow your breath to flow naturally.
  • Rest for a few moments, continuing with your gaze.
  • Journal.
  • Spend a few minutes discussing what came up for each of you.
  • Close your practice with a hug.

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