How To Breathe-A Book By Ashley Neese

“One of the most healthy habits we can learn is to have clear & strong boundaries. Early on I learned that we set boundaries for ourselves not for others, and that boundaries are not selfish; they are a form of radical self-care. If you have trouble differentiating your feelings from those of others, tend to absorb other people’s feelings, find yourself weighted down or preoccupied by the energy of others, have trouble saying no, or identify as a highly sensitive person, a people pleaser, or empath, the Boundaries Breath is a great tool to have in your self-care kit.”

I know what it means to be an empath and I still do wear my heart on my sleeve, which can be both a blessing & a curse. Once I finally figured out how important setting boundaries was for me, my life changed radically! I have added this Boundaries Breath to my self-care and it’s one that I personally use on a daily basis. Feeling others energy is a real thing and it’s not a bad thing, an empath just needs to know how to control their energy centers & build strong boundaries. It won’t happen overnight, but with the right tools & supports you can feel refreshed daily.

This Technique takes about 10 minutes, find a comfortable place.

  • Sitting up, take a comfortable seat.
  • Breathe in & out through the nose for a minute to settle in.
  • Set your practice intention.
  • Begin by visualizing a sphere of gold surrounding you on the inhale.
  • As you exhale, keep that sphere in place allowing it to settle.
  • Notice where the edge of the sphere is in relation to your body. Is it 3 inches away, a foot, 10 feet?
  • Make a quick mental note & then come back to your breath.
  • Keep the sphere in the same place for the next same place for the next 7 minutes or so as you continue to inhale & exhale.
  • Take a full minute to release the visual guide of the sphere & settle into yourself.
  • As you settle, see if any world want to be expressed around your boundary. If so say them aloud.
  • Close your practice.
  • Note any changes you experienced.
  • Keep a journal of your changes.

To learn more about emotions check out our wellness recovery center virtually or in person.

~Lisa Bartels

Administrative Assistant/Peer Recovery Specialist

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