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Life Connections supports individuals who are experiencing Mental Health and Substance addiction issues and who want to work on their recovery goals and situations before getting into a crisis situation.

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Wellness Recovery

A place where individuals experiencing Mental Health issues can work on their recovery with trained Peer Support Specialists. What is unique about our organization is that we are a Peer-Run, Peer-Owned Organization; our staff offers many of the same lived experiences as our guests and serves as models of recovery, we will serve all individuals whether or not they can pay.

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Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

Discover your own simple, safe wellness tools; Develop a list of things to do every day to stay as well as possible; Identify upsetting events, early warning signs and signs that things have gotten much worse; using wellness tools, develop action plans for responding at these times; Create a crisis plan; and Create a post-crisis plan

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Rhonda’s House
(Peer Run Respite)

Rhonda’s House (Iowa’s Only Peer-run Respite Center) provides a safe and welcoming environment for individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis and who voluntarily choose temporary respite services to restore well-being and the ability to manage their lives. Rhonda’s House is an alternative to the more restrictive care of a locked psychiatric hospital facility. 

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“Being Connected, Staying Connected, and Choosing Connection”

The Wellness Guide to Overcoming Isolation During COVID-19 offers help and support for those suffering from isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Being alone and lonely is difficult enough, but stay-at-home orders and social distancing make it even more challenging to overcome such feelings and make connections.
Where: Virtually via Zoom


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Peer Respite Support Line

Life Connections Peer Recovery Services knows the impact of Covid 19 and is here to
support anyone struggling with anything from isolation, anxiety, depression, and any
other life altering experiences.

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Video Conferencing Opportunities

List of groups offered virtually by Life Connections Wellness Center

Monday’s: Eating Healthy
Tuesday’s: W.R.A.P. (Wellness Recovery Action Plan)
Thursday’s: Stressors/feelings. True/False?
Friday’s: Wellness Check Ins and Open Dialogues
Saturday’s: What Does Recovery Look Like and Mean to Me?
Sunday’s: Negative Self-Talk

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